Setting up a Messaging Service

After creating your Twilio account and accessing it, it is time to create a Messaging Service.

Step 1: Under the Messaging tab found on the left-hand side of your screen, click on Services.

Step 2: Name your messaging service RedeemSG-Vouchers and indicate Not listed here as the purpose.

Step 3: Under ‘Step 2: Add senders’, click Add Senders and select Alpha Sender as the Sender Type.

Step 4: Under Alpha Sender ID, key in RedeemSG. It is case sensitive, so input exactly. We have already registered this Sender ID with SGNIC.

Step 5: Leave ‘Step 3: Set up integration’ exactly as it is. Click ‘Step 4: Add compliance info’.

Additional Notes

If you are only planning to send SMSes using a registered alphanumeric sender ID and not receive replies, you do not need to purchase a Twilio phone number. This is the case for RedeemSG.

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