Set up with DBS

RedeemSG is currently integrated with DBS to handle the automatic payouts for merchants. Funds will be deducted from the agencies' bank account at the end of each day to each merchant, based on the voucher amount scanned by the merchants the same day.

Procuring DBS RAPID API access

As a new agency, you will have to first reach out to RedeemSG to indicate your interest. We will then advise you on setting up the necessary DBS services required to onboard RedeemSG. General steps outlined below for reference.

Step 1: Reach out to RedeemSG to discuss your campaign

Share more details about your voucher campaign at Our team will get back shortly to discuss how we can best support your campaign.

Step 2: Agency to reach out to DBS

Once RedeemSG has firmed up on the voucher campaign details with your agency, we will prompt you to reach out to DBS to begin the procurement of RAPID API access.

You may use Draft Email Template prepared to speed up discussions with DBS.

Step 3: Contract and procurement with DBS

DBS will guide your agency through the contracting process. This will take about 3 weeks.

APIs used will be the Bulk FAST or PayNow APIs.

Step 4: Provision of API credentials

Once the setup is complete, DBS will provide your agency with credentials to be shared with RedeemSG. This will grant RedeemSG access to your dedicated bank account to make the reimbursements to merchants.

Step 5: Live-testing

Prior to the launch of the agency's voucher campaign, we will perform a small-value transaction from your bank account ($1) to ensure that the bank account and API is set-up properly.

Draft Email Template

Email template



Subject: [For DBS] Request to onboard RAPID API for RedeemSG

Dear Wunson, Alyssa, Patricia, and Qiyan,

I am {name} from {organisation}. We are looking to set-up a DBS bank account and RAPID API connectivity to be used for our upcoming voucher scheme with RedeemSG.

Our scheme is {agency to briefly introduce the scheme and objectives}.

Details of the scheme as follows:

  • Expected launch date: {to fill in}

  • Total voucher budget: {number of beneficiaries} x {voucher amount}

  • Expected number of merchants: {to fill in}

  • Voucher validity: {to fill in}

Would your team be free for a call to chat about the set-up process and contracting?

Thank you,


Estimated charges involved

Agency will need to procure the services required by DBS directly. Exact pricing details will be provided by DBS during the contracting period.

There will be a one-time set-up fee to procure the DBS (this is waived under bulk tender as of August 2023). This will allow the agency to use the set-up services

Upon launch, there will also be per transaction fees (charged per payout to merchants). The following illustration covers how the per transaction fees are charged.

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