Welcome to RedeemSG

RedeemSG is a national voucher system developed by Open Government Products (OGP). It helps Government agencies easily create, issue, and track the redemption of vouchers. It also enables merchants to easily accept Government-issued vouchers.

Essentially, RedeemSG provides a digital solution that solves the inefficiencies and costs involved in paper voucher schemes. A well-known campaign supported by RedeemSG is the nationwide CDC Vouchers Schemes.

🔑 Features of RedeemSG

RedeemSG's functions support three main groups: Government Agencies, Recipients, and Merchants.


By digitalising voucher systems, RedeemSG has benefited and solved critical problems faced by its three client categories in the following ways:

For Government Agencies

Agencies can efficiently manage voucher campaigns and track redemptions using the RedeemSG admin portal. Additionally, agencies no longer have to invest the same amount of time and money in campaign setup, voucher printing, and distribution as they would have with earlier voucher systems thanks to RedeemSG.

For Recipients

RedeemSG supports the creation of both digital and paper vouchers to make things easier for recipients, especially for those who are less tech-savvy. Recipients can also sign up and claim vouchers without needing to download a mobile app.

For Merchants

Merchants can accept vouchers easily using the RedeemSG Merchant app, which easily tracks transactions and payouts, removing the need to count vouchers manually. On top of that, merchants are reimbursed the following day rather than after weeks or even months.

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