Providing voucher details

RedeemSG will require the following information before we can set up your voucher campaign.

The following information will be shared across all vouchers in a campaign. If an agency requires different voucher amounts/ expiry for different recipients, do set up separate voucher campaigns.

Section A: Key information required

A1: Campaign Name

Decide on a campaign name (50-character limit). It should follow the format of _______ Vouchers. The above shows how the campaign name will be displayed on various screens.

A2: Description

Provide a description of the campaign that is being planned. This is only for internal use and will not be shown to public.

A3: Organiser Name

Decide on an organiser name (30-character limit).

The above image shows how the organiser's name will appear in the different screens.

A4: Organiser Email (optional)

You could also provide your agency's email, which will be used by RedeemSG to contact you regarding the scheme.

Section B: Additional information required

B1: Voucher denominations and quantity

After submitting the campaign form, your agency needs to determine its campaign's voucher denominations and quantity. We recommend using denominations that are similar to actual cash (e.g. $2, $5, $10).

To do this, click on the 'Campaign' (on left side of the screen) > Campaign Management >, you can choose your voucher denominations and quantity

B2: Validity period

Your agency has to decide on your campaign's validity period. This affects when a resident can claim or spend their vouchers. Each campaign has a fixed start and end date, which means all vouchers in the campaign will follow its respective start and end dates.

Example: If the campaign’s validity period is from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023, the vouchers are only valid during this period.

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