Adding RedeemSG to your account

Adding as a developer permits RedeemSG to obtain your Account SID, which allows your account to send messages using ‘RedeemSG’. Only the Owner and Administrator roles can add users to a Twilio account.

Step 1: Key in the verification code sent to your email to gain access to the page.

Step 2: Click Account (top right dropdown) > Manage users.

Step 3: Click the Invite User button to invite a new user.

Step 4: Enter under ‘Email address’ and select Developer as the desired role. When finished, click Send Invitation.

Step 5: Inform RedeemSG by emailing when the above steps have been completed. RedeemSG will then register your Twilio account with SGNIC so that you can also send messages from ‘RedeemSG’ with this account.

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